Twitter Rolls Out New Test That Allows Audio Space Creation Within Groups

Twitter appears to be looking for ways to better expand its engagement among smaller communities on the platform.

This is why the company recently rolled out a new test that would help facilitate admins in Communities to make audio spaces. They can allow for audio chats that could be visible across the group.

The news was confirmed by the company through a post on the platform that says the experiment is designed for both admins and moderators of groups located in the US. They will have more access to make Live Spaces in the communities located on the app.

The company also feels that such a feature would add a whole new layer of personality with great connectivity that goes beyond the limit of 280 characters. They can even start to begin a topic by initiating the conversation on the audio space and lead communities for better engagement in such areas. Remember, the goal is to engage more with members and participate in healthy conversations that ensure people with similar interests can bond.

Once the admins launch the audio space within the Community that users are a part of, it will get highlighted across the space bar. This is located at the topmost area of a user's home timeline.

Hence, it will ensure every group member is given the chance to listen, witness, and join if they wish. But remember, you have to be a member of the group if you wish to leave a comment in the form of a reply or want to engage in the discussion.

It wouldn’t be wrong to compare this to the likes of audio chats seen on the popular Reddit Talks. This sees various audio chats too that get hosted on the communities section of the Reddit edit.

Also, it’s quite similar to what’s witnessed across different audio channels on Facebook’s Communities. But as we all are already aware. Facebook has opted to abandon the push linked to social audio. While it may have sparked a great level of interest and intrigue, thanks to archrivals like Clubhouse, the great enthusiasm once seen has now gone down.

But we may still be able to see niche use cases linked to chat tools such as these.

We feel the great advantage of such projects is linked to better discovery and you really get to see different groups focused on many topics that they’re least intrigued by. So this way, people can align themselves with chats that spark their interest.

Currently, we’ve witnessed how much Twitter happens to be struggling in terms of putting the most relevant forms of audio chats on display through the app’s Audio Tab.

The reason being is simple. People have no idea what topics are going to be discussed through a Space beforehand and secondly, the platform’s algorithms aren’t fabulous at putting content that aligns with users’ interests on display.

We do have to give some sort of credit to the platform by including various topic tags across the Spaces and some topic streams as well. This will ensure more and more people can participate and add direct input for the whole experience.

With the addition of chats here, Twitter hopes to include a grander way to filter such measures and put things that are more relevant at the top of the list for its users’ convenience. If it works out, it could pave the way for great success in terms of better engagement.

So as you can see, the trial has a lot of hope attached to it and we also pray it does prove out to be better than what most people anticipated.

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