Meta CEO Predicts Hologram Meetings Will Be A Reality In The Next 5 Years

Mark Zuckerberg is a man with great ambition and sometimes, his over-the-top theories really do make people stop and stare.

Recently, the Meta CEO was seen speaking about the future and how hologram meetings would be a possibility in the upcoming five years.

The news was mentioned in a recent podcast that took place on Tuesday alongside Ben Thompson from Stratechery. This is when Zuckerberg was not afraid to open up about how nothing in the world of advanced technology would stop us all from doing whatever we want in the future. That’s how much potential and faith he has in his metaverse.

Be it AR//VR technology and more, he is really trying to persuade others that call him unrealistic. But he feels that life is only as fabulous as you make it and he sees a lot of potential in the future.

We’re not quite sure if Ben Thompson was seeing eye to eye with the CEO but the latter really tried his best to make him understand that holograms are a thing at the headquarters for the metaverse and there’s no reason why we can’t use them for meeting purposes in the future.

You could be seated in Taiwan and be conducting a hologram meeting as if you were here in New York, he added. And while the idea is pretty cool, we won’t lie, seeing is definitely believing and that’s where a lot of people are having trouble.

Zuckerberg went on to explain in a very enthusiastic manner how it was like holding on to a 3-D model for a device and handing it over to the partner so that it’s not just a video call anymore. Instead, we’re getting the chance to interact with all sorts of things that are really compelling.

The Meta CEO mentioned how meetings are a form of human connection and it’s going to become so crucial in both VR and AR technology. We know how keen he is on creating different experiences on the platform and we’re sure he can really bring such connections to life.

Remember, we saw the launch of Quest Pro which is the firm’s first headset since the desire of the metaverse of the future idea came into being. So we can clearly identify a single theme. It’s all about immersing one’s self into a VR world that entails different personal and professional universes.

As far as pricing is concerned, well, it’s steep at $1500 but the offerings are plenty and a step above the rest. Meta adds that it’s designed keeping great collaboration in mind and a lot of creativity. So the headset may be for both work and play.

For a while now, Zuckerberg has spoken of making human connection the core of all his designs and he’s been working hard to achieve that very same goal. Now, the only challenge is how willing people are to accept such products and services with open arms.

Photo: Meta Connect Keynote 2022 / YouTube
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