Meta Says Employees Who Aren’t Keen On Changes Adopted For The Metaverse Shouldn’t Be Working In The Firm

Meta has finally made it clear how its current focus was on changing trends adopted in line with the metaverse. And if you’re an employee in the firm who is not very accepting of this notion, well, you shouldn’t be working here in the first place.

Yes, it’s as shocking and bold of a statement as it can get and it was recently put forward by the firm’s chief officer for business operations.

She says that accepting change is the goal here while putting out a word or two at the recently held Fortune’s Most Powerful Seminar For Women on Tuesday.

Marne Levine adds that the firm is altering its focus toward its most anticipated project of the future and no brownie points here for guessing that the Metaverse was the topic of discussion.

Making sure the enterprise’s own employees are on track with the company’s goals of the metaverse is being outlined as a serious factor here because that’s where a lot of the focus current is.

Meta is going to go through some high-intensity periods of change and top executives are making sure all of its workforce happen to be on the same page as one another. Changes and evolution of a new kind are being initiated and while a lot of the things are still under wraps, we do feel it’s going to be huge.

Hence, Meta is adding a clause that workers do have the chance to exit if they feel this place just isn’t fit for them or their mindset does not agree because they need the best of the best on board to give their 100% and perform in this regard.

Last year, we saw the firm rebrand itself as Meta from Facebook and that’s when the CEO shed light on the very vague concept of the metaverse. This was right before a slow trend in the economy was seen and it set the tone for a very complex environment for different tech firms to operate within, and Meta was no exception.

In case you didn’t know, the firm is also taking a break from hiring for a while now so that it can look to reduce costs as it also witnesses a decline in terms of ad spending. And there are confirmations about the company reducing job offers to its interns and also a few contractual employees.

So as you can see, the current atmosphere is very similar in function to that seen during the early part of the pandemic.

Many changes are happening and people are feeling a certain type of disconnect for this reason. Therefore, Meta is trying to bring its users together as much as it can but the struggle is definitely real.

This is why Meta’s workforce needs to be open about change and ensure its adaptation at the firm. Levine added that the company is working hard to make others understand where they currently are and where they happen to be headed.

After all, the right frame of mind can really take the firm to bigger places than before.

Photo: Bloomberg

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