Meta’s Horizon World Struggles To Gain New Users While Losing Older Ones

It’s been a bumpy ride so far for Meta this year. Things aren’t looking too promising in terms of its VR-themed social universe, despite its claims of achieving success.

A new report is shedding light on how Horizon Worlds is struggling big time. And by that, we mean losing out on old users and having trouble finding new ones.

The news comes after a series of internal documents shed light on the matter that was recently published by the WSJ. This is where figures were outlined to be about 200,000 active users on a monthly basis but that’s after suffering a huge fall from the milestone of 300,000, as confirmed by the company itself.

In case you didn’t already know, Horizon Worlds functions to enable users to make spaces where they’ll hang out, play around, meet others, and conduct chats as well. Moreover, the app’s userbase did appear promising during this time last year and there were a lot of signals of how keen people were on accepting the new Quest 2 headset in the festive season. And then when the holiday period kicked in, the figures rose more.

But the same can’t be stated right now. The company has fallen through and it’s trying to adjust the expectations thanks to the current situation, They’re only aiming for 28,000 users per month by this year’s end. This is a massive drop from the 500,000 originally outlined.

The firm says it had about 10,000 virtual ventures by February, but only 9% of the places were visited by 50 users and more. And after a single visit seems to be good enough for people as they’re not coming back for more. So despite the firm making improvements, they really were seen as doing a great job.

At the start of this month, a new report by TheVerge shed light on how the team on the platform was having trouble maintaining quality and that was taking a toll. One internal memo was also shared where the team spoke about how it was entering a quality lockdown. Hence, new launches of features would be halted temporarily while addressing the current issues.

Meta has mentioned time and time again how user feedback rules the day and it’s willing to really work hard at solving issues so the magic of Horizon Worlds could be experienced again. But the most shocking ordeal had to be the fact that Meta’s own employees were struggling with using this platform, simply because they weren’t interested.

Meta is also rolling out new tools that are going to make it easier to have bugs reported from the Horizon Worlds application. So as you can see, the problems are plenty but Meta does realize how serious the situation has become and that’s why they’re making more changes in its favor.

Other happenings at Meta were outlined by the CEO during their yearly Connect event. This had to do with the likes of adding legs to digital avatars and also the launch of a pricey Quest Pro Headset. So the previews are plenty and a lot of excitement is being generated in the genre of VR.

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