Trouble For Google As EU Threatens More Fines After Archrivals Team Up

Things aren’t looking too bright for search engine giant Google after the European Union was seen threatening more fines its way.

The news comes after archrivals of the company teamed up and urged the EU to take a look at the manner it displays its shopping results on the platform. According to them, it’s not fair to see how it prefers to share the results at the very top of its page. And that’s because it ends up costing users more as the prices are higher.

It’s appalling how Google is being threatened with legal action again. Just recently, we saw a mega $2.4 billion lawsuit launched in the European Union. In addition to that, Google was forced to make some amendments in terms of the way its shopping comparison system functions.

Now, archrivals have united and requested anti-trust regulators to take a closer look into the matter once again as there’s a new rule by the EU in place.

As recently reported by the media outlet Reuters, the firms in question are those who compare prices in various locations in Europe. Kelkoo, Idealo, PriceRunner, and LeGuide are just a few names of the total 43 out there.

Moreover, seeing this joint effort accuse the company of breaking the famous and stringent Digital Markets Act is concerning as this law was put into place to ensure big tech giants don’t abuse their leading positions and play a monopoly in the digital market.

Reuters even shared the letter that was sent in, accusing the firm of unlawful behavior. They say that to make their presence, they are required to compete with one another and the search engine just so they can secure a place on the shopping carousel. This is located at the very top of the search pages for results.

Such websites are also arguing about how most of their resources are better spent to ensure consumers get the best price possible. But seeing Google behave like this and even want a share of their profits is not cool as it takes it from merchants selling and other comparison sites for a price.

This new attack on Google might be the latest of its kind in terms of a fresh wave of legal action on the search engine firm and other top names found in the DMA regulation. Moreover, such rules also promote players in the European industry to move ahead and compete with each other found in the tech industry.

But the news isn’t very surprising if you ask us. Google has been the center of many targets linked to antitrust regulations found in Europe. This was before the DMA came into effect. We also witnessed how the EU was able to alter Google’s deals in terms of licensing for Android projects across Europe’s market.

Here, however, the company cannot force producers to only sell smartphones and other gadgets with the firm’s Play Services.

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