Most Social Media Users Don’t Trust Facebook, Confirms New Survey

It’s been a tough year for the social media app Facebook and this next study is shedding light on some more disappointing news that executives at Meta aren’t going to be ecstatic to hear.

The study came in the form of a survey that took into account avid American social media users. And it proved that the majority of people couldn’t dare to trust Facebook.

Around 18% of respondents felt confident in the app and how it protected their privacy and information. And that’s almost 27% less than what was seen last year.

The study showed how confidence was extremely low among those belonging to the baby boomer generation with figures reaching just 10%. Similarly, around 18% of Generation Z felt confident in the app.

To be fairer in understanding all of this, we need to remember that trust was generally low in terms of all social media platforms as proven by the Digital Trust Benchmark report for this year.

And according to forecasts predicted, Meta’s famous app would be making history by fallout in the number of monthly users for the first time ever. Hence, now the goal is to ensure trust remains across the board, or else those still clinging on to the platform would be leaving too.

The study by Insider Intelligence took into account around 2225 different users on various social media apps in the country between the dates May 20 to June 9. This was to gauge the perceptions of how much people trust digital apps in today’s time. Hence, the world’s nine biggest social media applications such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram Snapchat, Reddit, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, and Twitter were evaluated.

All of those enrolled for the survey were carefully picked so as to align with the criteria outlined including age, gender, race, and socio-economic status.

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