Google Launches ‘Refreshed’ Family Link App Complete With A Web Version For Adults And Kids

Google rolled out a new experience that’s a revamped version of its Family Link. The launch comprised three different tabs that are designed for highlights, location, and controls. There’s a separate panel for notifications too.

The search engine giant says it’s also launching a new Family Link app as a desktop version where both kids and parents can benefit.

We first saw the rollout of this app in 2017 and that’s when it enabled parents to control and restrict their kids’ screen time and how much of the app they were using. Similarly, we saw it lock out children when parents felt it was necessary on devices seen across both Chrome and Android.

There’s even an option called ‘bedtime’ that helps ensure kids sleep on time and avoid crossing timelimit boundaries set out for their own good. Last year, the app also came with features for learning such as ‘always allowed’ that ensured they would benefit educationally too during the pandemic.

The revamped version has a fresh interface that puts out a design with three tabs on the front. This is where you can find limits set out for kids and options to amend them too. Next up, you’ll find another highlights tab that shows a summary of the child’s device including usage time.

This app was recently installed and is considered to be intensely popular for obvious reasons. The location feature allows parents to keep a tab on where their kids are currently present. Any alerts can be found in the central panel that gives an overall view of what’s happening in terms of updates.

Google went public with a blog recently that shed light on why it relaunched a new version of the app. They claim the redesigned venture will bring out the most utilized tools so parents can benefit from their favorite features. This includes great options like time outs to reduce screen time, blocking apps, and also removing them.

Another interesting feature called ‘today’s limit’ is designed to allow parents to set out various screen time limits in a manner that doesn’t affect their own schedules. It’s a super useful feature in terms of vacation and guardians where you can reward kids with some extra time on the platform too.

Users will now see a single screen that puts out the location for all kids. Similarly, it’s going to provide a view of the battery level on the device with options to call them too.

The company says they’re also working on another feature that notifies parents when the kids arrive at a particular destination like a school, giving them reassurance that they’re safe and sound in today’s unpredictable times.

In July of this year, we saw Google Maps launch a new tab for notifications that entailed arrival and departure for various pinned spots. So that might be something similar seen on this app too.

Then there was a discussion about how the app will soon bring forward resources that help make kids understand more points linked to online safety via question and answer sessions. This would make them more aware of threats and how they can be safe.

The web version for this application is also being launched for adults and kids so parents may gain access to the control and commands section. This way, they’ll be able to better gauge the scenario using iOS 16 tools and see what restrictions are set up on the mobile device apps.

The news of all these changes comes just days after Apple went public with its Quick Start. This would put out screen time restrictions for kids via some small steps.

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