Meta Puts Users On Alert By Sharing List Of 400 Different Apps That May Have Stolen Their Facebook Credentials

Meta has put all of its users on a high alert after the company was seen publishing a list of more than 400 different applications that could have stolen credentials from Facebook accounts.

Hence, if you happen to be using such credentials for logins on various apps, this is the time to take notice. Moreover, experts recommend you go the extra mile and include two-factor authentication on an immediate basis before it’s too late.

Recently, Meta was seen identifying more than 400 different malicious apps through the Google Play Store as well as Apple’s App Store. So just when you thought such locations were safe, well, here’s some news for you.

In the same way, the parent firm of Facebook mentioned how apps ranged from the likes of photo editors to those linked to the likes of business utilities. All they require is for you to log in with the same credentials as your Facebook account. However, there is one major catch. They are spoofed up in a manner that they can easily steal your details without you ever noticing.

A recent blog post from Endgadget also went about shedding light on how the firm has even sent out alerts to both Google as well as tech giant Apple regarding such apps. Hence, you won’t be seeing the apps outlined in the list across the app stores.

But that does not mean users that have already installed them across their devices would be saved from the threat because it's already on their phones. But the whole purpose of this is to raise more awareness on the matter so users know which apps to delete on an urgent basis.

In the same way, we saw the firm put out a list of various apps that can be seen on their website and searched via the link mentioned. And not to many people’s surprise, most of the apps outlined as threats are actually those found on Android.

Most of the threatening apps are those linked to games, VPNs, and picture editors. However, these iOS apps are strictly those related to business utilities that target people in a specific manner thanks to the platform’s business tools.

In the same way, the firm tends to recommend its users set their passwords on the app again and if possible, they should be resorting to an added security feature called two-factor authentication.

Additionally, a feature that enables login alerts and those linked to getting notifications when their account is accessed is definitely recommended as well.

These reports arrive just one day after the firm went public with its new feature on the Facebook app. This is related to the customization of the Facebook feed. In the same way, the firm was seen experimenting with another feature linked to Instagram Reels.

This has to do with providing more users with the best recommendations out there that would appeal to them.

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