Meta Files Lawsuit Against Chinese Firms For Stealing More Than One Million WhatsApp Accounts

Meta is not happy with a series of developers hailing from Chinese firms. These include the likes of HeyWhatsApp, HeyMods, and also Highlight Mobi.

According to the tech giant, the firms have been busy stealing over one million user accounts on WhatsApp, starting from May of this year.

Meta’s complaint mentioned how such malicious applications were now present for downloads via places like the Google Play Store and APKSFree platforms.

After getting installed, these apps make use of bundled malware to get sensitive details such as account authentication. This is further used for account hijacking through accounts on the app so they can send malice-filled texts and more spam.

Meta’s legal proceedings mentioned how so many of these apps were now up for grabs thanks to the defendants who programmed such evil offerings to gain their own benefits. They can communicate various types of sensitive details to computers and take account keys and other authentication details to gain information.

Some of these apps have been installed in the thousands category and you can imagine how much damage has already been done in terms of account theft.

A recently discovered warning was sent out in this regard by the head of the Whatsapp Group. He warned all users to steer clear of such behavior and never download modified versions of this application.
Security teams were seen discovering various forms of malware located inside the app and also on the Play Store. The applications make false promises that are so deceiving. It’s like a never-ending scam that’s designed to take personal information from a user’s phone and now, a lot of effort is being put out to eliminate the threat, the company claims.

In July, we also saw the Play Protect venture by Android’s Google was seen detecting and disabling all types of malware-filled fake types of WhatsApp on users’ phones. This was moments after Meta sent out the alert to Google regarding its findings.

To eliminate any further harm, Meta has opted to take complete legal action against HeyMods while exploring different legal options so they and others can be held accountable.

A chunk of the complaint is linked to how such malicious apps began stealing details so they could hijack users’ accounts. But Meta is now using legal action to sue all three firms for breaching its contract and the developer agreement.

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