TikTok Acknowledges Its Cyber Security Community And The Great Pain Taken To Ensure Security

Have you ever wondered how an app like TikTok really functions in today’s time and what measures are taken to ward off the long list of threats being thrown at them?

Well, the popular platform was recently seen shedding light on its cyber community and some painful measures that are taken to ensure the app stays protected at all times. And that’s when TikTok felt the need to speak in detail about how strongly it considers user safety, security, and of course privacy.

People want to be entertained and put out their data in the hopes that it will stay safe and secure from all sorts of threats. This is why millions are invested in new operations, technology, and also processes. And TikTok adds they’re also employing the greatest practices in top organizations such as HackerOne, GCA, and the National Cybersecurity Alliance.

The platform has aimed to promote so much more awareness to the public about cybersecurity and what steps can be taken by them to ensure a safe and healthy experience. Some major updates include the platform celebrating a mega two-year-long anniversary regarding its Global Bug Bounty. Then its new project called ‘See Yourself In Cyber was talked about that inspires users to venture into the great chances of this growing field.
@tiktoknewsroom This #CyberSecMonth, we’re celebrating 2 years of our Global Bug Bounty program with @Hacker0x01 and our top ethical hackers #BeCyberSmart ♬ original sound - TikTok Newsroom

Then there are a lot of talks linked to sharing tips and tricks on how you can be more cyber smart in today’s high-threat cyber era where malicious attempts such as hacking have become a norm.

TikTok is also celebrating its anniversary of two years linked to ethical hackers. They’re the leading sponsors for HackerOne. The latter is linked to better corporate security while making a pledge to honor transparency and innovation of user data for all. Time after time, TikTok says it rewards its community of ethical hackers who help make the platform a safer place for so many.

Up till now, around 450 different vulnerabilities have been showcased. As they were outlined, TikTok started to resolve them one by one, warding off some huge threats. Similarly, the app was seen adding its list of top contributors that really performed well and outdid themselves in terms of their own security research. And it’s so interesting to see how so many hail from various parts of the world.

TikTok added that it’s not hard to stay safe when you’re online. Yes, the threats are plenty but with a little extra effort, users can really be committed to elevating their best practices. For starters, they’re kickstarting in-app alerts that perform the good old 2-step verification. Similarly, more videos are getting launched to remind people of how they can stay safe.

TikTok says setting strong passwords is the first step to success on all of the app’s accounts. You can even use the password manager for this. Similarly, all users must avoid opening links or installing programs from senders that aren’t recognizable. You never know which form of phishing or smishing is used to trick individuals into giving out personal details.

Next up, experts at TikTok say downloading apps from official stores and also going through reviews is essential while offloading those apps that aren’t used is always recommended. Last but not least, avoid links to public Wi-Fi and if possible, do resort to VPNs if necessary. You never really know what’s lurking out in the open so it’s always great to be safe than sorry, TikTok adds.

Most tips are commonly advised by all security experts but seeing TikTok really go the extra mile to spread awareness while celebrating its own achievements is definitely an act that needs to be commended.

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