Google Begins Crackdown On Financial Fraud In The UK With An Update To Its Policy

Search engine giant Google recently announced how it was starting a crackdown related to different types of financial fraud taking place in the United Kingdom.

These new changes outlined will reportedly come into play by December of this year, the company announced. The news comes in the form of a significant addition being included in the policy so that consumers, as well as advisers, may benefit in the United Kingdom.

The policy is for advertisers to get recognition through the FCA for any form of adjustments in debt and to gain better counseling to show off the best debt advertisements beginning December 6. Hence, any practitioners related to the insolvency theme wouldn’t be given the chance to market any such related services.

Hence, all advertisers are requested to complete the final process for verification before the final date for enforcement arrives. Below, we’ve outlined the major changes taking place in the policy.

For starters, all debt services will be shifted into the domain of Financial Services policy. In this manner, all the debt services-related advertisers covering the UK must complete the process of verification to move forward. And after the change, others would not be given the chance to offer their services here.

Secondly, the new policy from Google Ads in the UK will only include those defined as exempt professional firms and authorized advertising companies. After they complete the whole verification procedure, they can move ahead and begin advertising the different financial services being offered in the United Kingdom.

Last but not least, the updated requirements for such authorized companies are that they need to be present on the list for Google’s verification program while also being present on the United Kingdom’s list for FCA Services Register.

Any firm seen violating such requirements will be forced to pay the consequences of such behavior. And that comes in the form of a direct suspension after a warning is released related to the actions encountered.

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