Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg Says He Enjoys Being Doubted All The Time

Mark Zuckerberg is a name that’s always making headlines in today’s modern times. And in most cases, it’s usually involving some serious news related to his many projects as the head of the Meta Inc. corporation.

There’s usually a lot of negative criticism that comes his way but that’s the price of fame, right? And if you think he’s too bothered by his haters, well, think again.

Sitting down for a recent candid interview with media outlet The Verge, the CEO was seen laughing it off when asked what he felt about the world doubting him and his capabilities. In addition to that, he claims that being doubted actually is a feeling that he enjoys.

The interview surrounded what’s happening in his tech world and what future plans the world can expect to see in terms of the metaverse. After all, he’s in the driver’s seat and many want to know what's next.

Very rarely, if ever, do we get to talk about how Zuckerberg managed to bring up the Facebook platform from ground zero. Moreover, he adds that reaching one billion users around a decade back was not something that came easily.

And now, he’s faced with another mighty challenge in the form of the metaverse. And if he can do the former, he can surely bring up the metaverse as well.

As far as why he likes his critics and haters pulling his leg, time and time again, well, the answer is simple. It just motivates him and his team members to do better. If not, he’ll end up getting too comfortable.

Making people confused and leaving them in doubt is the best way to go about the situation, he adds. In the same way, he says there’s a clear demarcation between hate and doubt. He’s fine with the latter.

When you’ve got an entire firm to run and so many people depending on you to make the right call, things can get pretty complicated. And that’s why he’s got to be on his toes all the time. Remember, he’s a famous public personality, and differentiating between constructive criticism from those hating on him is important. He also adds that hearing criticism is so important and he does that most of the time.

For him, it’s like clear signs and signals and if you don’t hear them out, you’re going to end up missing out on a lot of great things.

Zuckerberg adds that there are those that are really out there to get you and add zero value to your life and in terms of that, he tends to block them out. But those trying to assist in making the journey better is what he’s all about.

The Meta CEO is one of the world’s most famous names. And he’s been getting a lot of slack from other famous personalities like Elon Musk and Apple CEO Tim Cook. One of his latest posts of him in his digital avatar was poked fun of.

And since it was linked to the Metaverse, which happens to be a project that’s so close to his heart, that hurt more. He did agree that the image was too basic but promised more and better results in the future.

But despite so much backlash coming his way, you’d probably think he’s got nerves of steel. And through a recent post on his Instagram account, the CEO says his VR projects on the Metaverse are doing well and they’re improving with time.

Yes, the doubt is there but he lives for such reactions. And you have to give the man some credit for all the things he’s forced to deal with in today’s cut-throat tech world.

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