Meta Adds New Privacy Policy Called ‘Eye-Tracking Privacy Notice’ To Its Quest Pro Headset

It is truly an exciting time for tech giant Meta at this moment. We recently saw the launch of a new Quest Pro headset that showed off an array of new legs for avatars across Horizon Worlds.

We also saw the firm inform others about the new launch of its AR-themed glasses. And if that was not fancy enough, well, there are more developments in terms of the upcoming metaverse.

It’s very easy for so many people to get lost in all the different happenings taking place thanks to this technology. There’s so much at stake but one thing that has been put in the spotlight is the firm’s new privacy policy.

Thanks to reports from Gizmodo, we’ve got an indication of how Meta is trying hard to include a new component into the privacy policy for its Quest Pro. This is called Eye Tracking Privacy Notice.

Upon opening the page, many will be guided to a set of new paragraphs that are dedicated to a place where data gets collected. In that, we see the firm mentions that those willing to share more data will now be utilizing eye-tracking services and other forms of data points to assist in the firm personalizing experiences and enhancing Meta Quest as well.

There is no talk about any details that go on to state how Meta would be using such information to put out ads for users. But the part that mentions personalizing experiences is another name given to targeted ads and eagle-eye tech experts are having a hard time letting the news go.

This particular social juggernaut isn’t willing to hide behind its aspirations. In a recent interview, Gizmodo says Nick Clegg who is Meta’s head of global affairs, mentioned that the decision to add eye tracking is to better understand better if users were busy engaging in ads or not.

And the issue here is not solely limited to tracking only. Meta is busy working on complete tracking of users so that its avatars would be able to successfully mimic movements in a more precise manner. Thanks to the amount of information on display, it could be an indication of how Meta is trying to put out user data so they could better be served ads of their preference.

In the recent past, Meta tries to make a particular reputation with all users. It’s trying hard not to be noticed the reality is that it's notorious for ad-targeting that’s not invasive. Hence, there may be no ads in the VR world right now but it’s not a huge surprise if the firm started sneaking ads for a great experience, after the creation of a proper user base.

If these facts are indeed true, it’s a little blind-siding on the part of the consumer, we feel. Every user has the right to know what is taking place and when they’re being targeted and when they’re not.

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