Is Twitter a bot's fighting club or a Digital town square?

Elon musk has invested in many organizations and bought them to bring changes in this rapidly changing world. Recently it has come to light that Elon decided to buy Twitter to provide people with a platform where they can freely debate on any matter or news.

After the decision, Elon tried to back off from investing money in Twitter after knowing that a large portion of the Twitter world is being governed by robots instead of people. He pondered over the thought of making the platform more about the people and less about bots.

Elon Musk defined the Twitter forum as a crucial app where people all around the world can connect. It is a kind of platform where healthy debates can take place, and people from different cultures and different backgrounds can relate to each other easily.

Musk realized that Twitter was home for robots and decided to withdraw from the deal. He was determined to finally purchase the social network for $44 billion after some time. The acquisition was primarily made to introduce new features to the network and give people access to free speech.

Additionally, Musk has described the social network as a "digital town square" of individuals. People are allowed to debate issues that are significant to humanity in this town. However, given that Twitter is considered more engaging than any other social network, Twitterati would most likely disagree with Elon Musk.

Twitter is more likely to win the competition if other social networking apps are compared to it. Compared to the billions of people who use Facebook and Instagram every day, it has 238 million daily active users. However, social media administrators would argue that Twitter or any other social media platform is not the real world.

Moreover, Elon’s town square will become a platform where freedom of speech is highly appreciated. But for now, Twitter’s networking reach is recorded to be low, these small group of numbers does like to talk about the crucial issues of humanity and would most likely form a healthy debate. It has also been noted that this small group of people is dogmatic, which makes the platform more of a digital debate club rather than the town square.

Twitter is a kind of platform where funny memes would likely go viral within hours and quickly spread on the whole social networking app. That meme would escalate to hundreds more if enough people participated actively, and it would become a game. Most of these users are youngsters, according to the report.

It is also noted by Statista’s Global Consumer Survey that a few people use Twitter on a daily base. In the US, only 3 out of 10 social media users indulge in Twitter excessively. The number is said to be even lower in some major European markets such as France and Germany.

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