Facebook adapting its features to be more like TikTok

Facebook is trying to bring its a-game back into the business by introducing reels and a stories tab for its users. Since the formulation of TikTok and Instagram, Facebook has gotten little to no attention at all. People nowadays are more interested in new ideas of sharing reels and following some trendy styles.

Whistleblowers have reported it, and internal research gathers that Facebook lacks the main spark in rapidly growing trends. Researchers found out that the company’s young adults agreed that Facebook’s bleak, irrelevant, and monotonous posts are losing consumers. They also claim that the app is more in use by older people. The record displayed from 2013 to 2021 is proof that people are taking their leave from the app.

Generation Z is more interested in following the quirky trend on social media, therefore they find their harbor on TikTok. Whereas Facebook has seen a surge in growing followers of TikTok and has started transforming the app for the better.

During the process, the technician discovered that people used to communicate through Facebook feeds but now prefer to share posts in private chats and on WhatsApp messenger. As a result, they are attempting to adapt appropriately in an effort to make Facebook less dull and engrossing.

The irrelevant nature of posts is causing a decline in the Facebook algorithm. In an interview, Facebook's senior executive Tom Allison stated that content relevancy should be our top priority. Our goal was to show people the post they thought they would like the most from the beginning. Facebook's primary goal was to connect people all over the world with their loved ones. To exchange feeds before having a conversation.

Furthermore, Facebook contains some old features that make people retire from the app. Firstly, people have stopped sharing and broadcasting posts, and the decline follows in engagement. Secondly, the internet has gotten smarter and shares more compelling stuff than Facebook.

Due to its growing dullness, YouTube and TikTok acutely took advantage and started showing content that would interest a large variety of audiences. It allowed them to share those stories and post them on their private accounts and not just share them on feeds. The launch of new apps and new ideas has made Facebook look dull.

Facebook is trying to bring a few more changes to match the taste of some young followers. They have introduced a home tab for reels and stories to engage people. But they still show posts and stuff from the people that you follow.

Facebook's animation is no longer luring users into the app. They went back to their messaging apps to share the relevant posts they saw when they opened the app. According to Allison, people continue to connect with one another through content. The Facebook post is interesting, but people are likely to discuss it privately.

To increase engagement, Facebook decided to add a messaging app where people can easily communicate than hop onto other devices. Furthermore, operators can now also control what kind of content they want to see frequently by marking the “show more” or “show less” option.

Additionally, Facebook is trying to adapt from TikTok and taking inspiration from its reel. But it seems that they still haven’t figured out the right way to integrate short videos. It’s a risk to change the whole app of 2.9 billion followers before determining its future.

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