Google Chrome Gears Up For New Update Of Its Chrome 106 Browser And Here’s What To Expect

The new version of Chrome 106 arrived about four weeks back. And that leaves plenty of time to make way for a new update in terms of the latest version of the browser called Chrome 107.

It is very similar to the past variant but of course, has a few exclusive features worth a glance. Yes, there are some more APIs. However, one of the most interesting features of them all is linked to HEVC.

This is another game provided for a format that receives plenty of support from various modern apps. And now, Chrome 107 is going to be supporting it too through means of default. Keeping in mind the past history of others, Apple’s Safari browser is giving it support too but Mozilla hasn’t been totally accepting of it.

Some debates go as far back as the year 2016 and that’s where the firm may be seen putting an emphasis on having zero plans to accept HEVC as it’s encumbered by patents. Instead, it’s focusing more on providing support to AV1. As you can imagine, the resistance by developers in this regard is plenty and some people’s comments on the matter are worth a share.

But the request here seems to be more about supporting the likes of HEVC by Firefox as others are doing so but Mozilla just can’t keep up and won’t listen. Many others are licensing and giving support for this format for years and it’s high time that Firefox did the same, the comment added.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure. Both ways, Chrome is going to move ahead and provide more support for HEVC through means of default, no matter what Firefox may feel.

Meanwhile, other offerings that were enabled through the likes of default had CSS improvements that paved the way for developers to gain specific types of interactive effects. Hence, there was a clear display of various surfaces and the ability to remove the current tab functioning. This also showcased a button that switched display tabs while sharing screens.

In addition to that, you’ll find URLPatterns for ignoreCase, more support for render blocks, and a few others.

It’s quite clear what is happening here. By switching gears, so many experimental features are being taken on board. A new developer trial, and also another origin trial. Lastly, some new Expect-CT HTTP headers are arriving.

Chrome 107 is all set for launch today and in case you don’t see it getting updated through automated means, you can always make a visit to the Help section and click on the likes of About Google Chrome. This would assist you in getting the update when it gets launched and is up for grabs.

This also brings us to the likes of Chrome 108 which is going to be tested in Beta today with another Stable Release set for the next month.

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