Snapchat Updates Its Platforms with Various Features Including Fresh Spooky Lenses That Might Attract New Users

Snapchat announced various updates for its platform's betterment that might attract many Gen Z users. According to a newsroom post, the massive social media hub has announced new lenses and various Bitmoji options on Halloween. Besides this, it also announced some compelling updates for the premium Snapchat+ users.

The topmost update that the platform worked on is the Halloween custom lenses. With the updated Snapchat version, you can enjoy various Halloween-themed lenses. An example is the Spooky Pet lens, where your pet turns into a ghost-like figure. Besides this, there are ample other Halloween lenses that might be pleasant for many users throughout Halloween.

To add more, Snapchat also added customizable Bitmoji costumes. With this update, a user can customize Bitmoji's dresses according to Halloween themes. With the updated version, users can dress up their Bitmojis from the available Halloween dresses. This feature is valid till November 01.

Snapchat doesn't restrict to this only. With the emerging hype of Metaverse and Web 3.0, Bitmojis have been the talk of the town. With the creation of over a billion Bitmojis, Snapchat is heading to play its vital role. With the upcoming updates, Snapchat is proceeding to provide their Bitmojis as digital identity tools. With this, many people can use a similar Bitmoji as their future avatar in Metaverse.

This update might be a question mark on Snapchat because it is looking to set future targets. With this update about Bitmoji, Snapchat might challenge its competitors in the future and create a better and more effective competitive edge in the era of Metaverse and Web 3.0.

Besides this, to add more spice, Snapchat also introduced some new profile backgrounds for its premium users. Now, Snapchat + users can change their profile backgrounds and customize them according to their interests. According to stats, 1.5 million users are registered on Snapchat +. The following update might be attractive to many of them.

To conclude, with these updates, Snapchat is eyeing a better competitive advantage and target audiences. With these thrilling updates, the platform targets ample younger users. Besides this, with the update of Bitmojis, Snapchat is eyeing customer equity in a long-run marathon.

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