Google Chrome is the Least Secure Web Browser According to This Report

Web browsers are the interfaces that allow users to access the vast treasure trove of information that is available on the internet, and Google Chrome happens to be the most popular web browser by far. The dependence of users on web browsers can make them useful in a data collection context, and all of the sensitive data that browsers like Google Chrome handle need to be treated with the utmost caution and security with all things having been considered and taken into account.

In spite of the fact that this is the case, Google Chrome was found to have the highest number of vulnerabilities by far according to a report released by Atlas VPN. This data comes from a central database of vulnerabilities, and it shows that Chrome has over 300 individual vulnerabilities in 2022 or 303 to be precise. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that this is almost three times the 117 vulnerabilities that were noted in the second least secure browser, namely Mozilla Firefox.

In terms of overall vulnerabilities that have been historically detected, Google Chrome’s numbers are still concerningly high. The web browser has seen around 3,159 vulnerabilities since it was first launched, about 800 times more than Firefox’s 2,361. More importantly, Firefox has seen its vulnerabilities growing at a slower rate than Chrome, so this gap is likely going to widen in the coming years.

Microsoft Edge came in third with about 103 vulnerabilities noted in 2022, but that represents a 61% increase from 2022. Edge has a total of 806 vulnerabilities that have been detected, which indicates that it is seeing the highest increase out of all web browsers relative to its total so far. That suggests that Edge might become less safe to use than might have been the case otherwise unless steps are taken to curtail this alarming growth rate.

Not all browsers are hubs for vulnerabilities, though. Apple’s Safari browser only saw 26 new vulnerabilities this year, which brings its total to 1,139. That is especially impressive considering that this browser reached 1 billion users this year, and it reveals the poor performance of Edge on this front.

One browser that has been astoundingly secure is Opera. It has a grand total of just 344 vulnerabilities, and more importantly it has not seen any new vulnerabilities arise in 2022. However, Opera also does not have a very wide user base, and that makes it less of an appealing target for malicious actors. Consumers need to be careful and secure their browsers lest they get used to conduct a cyber attack.

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