The data for the highest earning and most downloaded iOS and Android applications in September is out

The data for the highest earnings and the most installed applications in September is finally here. Starting with the highest-earning applications, HBO Max ruled the number one spot in the combined total section. On an individual level, the popular dating app Tinder ranked first on Android's Google Play, earning $5 million in just September alone. On the other hand, Apple’s iOS App Store also had HBO Max sitting in the first position with $48 million. The figures for HBO Max didn’t deviate much as compared to the data observed for August 2022. This means that the application is proving to be consistent among its users.

The Highest-Earning iOS and Android Apps in September

The infamous rivalry in the middle of YouTube and TikTok has gotten more serious as both applications managed to earn $48 million. However, TikTok dominated YouTube in the combined total section, whereas on the App Store, YouTube secured the second spot with $48 million, leaving the third spot for TikTok, which was able to earn $45 million in September.

Another similar rivalry can be seen between Tinder and Bumble. Tinder kept itself above Bumble on both the App Store and Google Play and was even able to earn $13 million more as compared to Bumble’s $31 million. Surprisingly, LinkedIn also managed to get itself into the 10th position in the combined total list as the application was successfully able to make $17 million in the previous month.

Jumping on to most installed applications. As expected, social media giants including TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook ruled the top three spots. In the combined total list, TikTok secured the 1st position with 54 million downloads, leaving Instagram in the second position with 47 million installs and Facebook in third with 45 million installs.

The Most Downloaded Apps in the World in both the Apple and Google Play Store

Not so surprisingly, the 4th and 5th positions were also taken by Meta-owned platforms, including WhatsApp and Messenger, respectively. While TikTok successfully left Meta-owned Instagram, the Meta group doesn’t seem to be worried about it as it has already shown the influence it has after securing the remaining consecutive positions.

Other Google tools, such as Sheets and Docs, are also doing good. However, things are not going well for Snapchat, as they lost 4 million downloads in September as compared to the results seen in August.

The video editing tool, CapCut, used by the TikTok community, also made its surprising appearance in the 7th position after securing 26 million downloads on both the App Store and Google Play combined.

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