Apple's Mixed Reality Will Be Built From Aluminium And Will Have Iris Scanning And Several Cameras And Many More Exciting Features

News about Apple's reality headset is always the talk of the town and now we have received the latest update about some features this new headset will have. From what we know, this reality headset is going to have a powerful biometric authentication feature, a wonderful design, and many more exciting things. According to a source, Apple isn't making its things boring and its new mixed reality biometric authentication is proof of it. Users will be able to scan their iris to secure their devices. This will also be used to help users easily switch to another account or do Apple payments without having to enter a password. Not only this, the iris scanning feature will give users a better experience of seeing the screen. The images seen on Apple's reality headset will be of quality your eyes have never seen before.

Always in competition, Apple's Reality Headset is not anything like Meta's Quest Pro. Meta's headset also isn't anything far from extraordinary, but it is made from plastic. Not Apple's Mixed Reality Headset though. Always being special, Apple has made its headset from aluminum and plastic. This is the reason that the headset weighs almost nothing and also gives a premium feeling to anyone who will use it. Another thing about this headset is that its front area will be covered with a mesh fabric. This will give a unique look to the headset, one we have never seen from Apple before. The good news for people with prescription glasses is that Apple will allow the lenses to be used and they will automatically attach to the inside of the headset with a magnet.

Apple is all set to release this headset. Most people might be wondering about its cost and it is expected to be between $2000 to $3000. This headset also comes with a chip that is also used in Apple's latest MacBook laptops. Moreover, Apple will also do an external display that will show the experience of the user using the headset. We still do not know the exact date of the release of this exciting technology. But speculations are that it will be released in 2023. This will be a big step for Apple as this product is its first new product in a very long time.

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