A Much Needed Feature Has Been Added To Google's About This Result Called Remove Result

At the Search On event, Google announced an added feature in its About This Result and it's called Remove Result. This feature is already available on Google and you can use it to its full extent. The remove Result feature has been added to Google Search and it enables users to click on the button and remove the result for different reasons.

When you search on Google and the result comes up, you have to click on three dots that appear right next to the every individual search result. When you click on those dots, every type of information about your search displays itself. All available of information about that website is shown there. This includes the description of the website from Wikipedia. If that information isn't available, you will know other sources where the information is similar to the one shown on the website.

Now, Google has added another button where you can remove the search result shown by clicking those 3 dots option. When you click on it, you will have to choose one option as to why you want to remove that search. Those options include: The result shows your personal information, The result has your phone number with the intent to harm you, The result shows your other personal info, The result contains illegal info and The result is outdated. You can also click on "Other ways to remove results" if you do not find an option that seems right enough for you.

You may also find that this feature is an extended version of Remove Search Results and this new modification has been added to it to make search more accessible to you.

Google wanted to add this feature a long time ago, but now it's all yours to use. Sever users on social media are talking about this added option it and we all knew this feature was coming. Now everyone will be able to benefit from this feature and will remove something from the result that is bothering them.

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