Apple Watch Credited For Early Detection Of Young Girl’s Cancer Through Its Heart Rate Alerts

The Apple Watch is certainly on a roll and today, we’ve got another miraculous story that hints at its lifesaving features.

In the past, we’ve heard about its innovative snore alerts and crash detection features that have really brought about miraculous changes in people's lives. But today, we’ve got another inspiring story linked to the Apple Watch and its heart rate notifications.

The watch has been hailed for detecting heart disease and for saving lives after the device noticed a 12-year-old’s irregular heartbeat. That may have otherwise gone unnoticed for obvious reasons because let’s face it, not everyone monitors their heart rate on a usual basis.

After notifying the young girl, the parents were able to take immediate notice and rushed for medical attention. This is when she was diagnosed with an early stage of cancer that allowed her to undergo treatment on time.

The report was recently published in Hour Detriot where the patient was identified as 12-year-old Jessica Kitchen. Now, her family and others in the community are hailing the device as not only a modern gadget that’s fancy to look at and wear but extremely useful too.

The device from Apple began to alert the young girl about the abnormally high heart rate. And she says that it never happened before. Hence, she knew that something was wrong.

Her mom continued by mentioning how the device continued to go off on a routine basis and that is what prompted her for a checkup at the doctor’s office.

Doctors found a tumor inside the appendix and it was a rare sighting found in kids her age. But more bad news followed as cancer started to follow to other parts of the body. Hence, she was forced to undergo surgery twice and get it removed. She is lucky and super grateful that everything turned out well.

The young girl’s mom says that the Apple watch was a savior because she kept delaying her visits to the hospital. But the constant beeping was an alarm to visit soon and if they had waited much longer, it may have been super fatal.

Meanwhile, another top influencer in the world of digital health says these fancy wearables are not only great to look at but so helpful. They’re literally helping to build people’s health and are assisting them to understand normal from abnormal behavior of their body.

It’s true that wearables aren’t a miracle but this combined with human efforts can really enhance your well-being.

This is one of the many miraculous stories we’re hearing about the Cupertino firm saving lives through its Apple Watch.

During this past month, a 34-year-old woman found out she was expecting when her heart rate during the resting phase increased. On the other hand, an elderly citizen unknowingly had his watch call up emergency services after he had fainted and slammed his body hard on the ground. This got Apple’s sensors in full detection mode.

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