Report reveals that Alibaba has the most Gross Merchandise Value out of all the C2C websites

After Covid hit 3 years ago it confined everyone to their homes and shopping alongside every other thing that moved online. That led to the rise of online retailing apps and websites like Alibaba and Amazon. These websites are those that give C2C or Consumer to Consumer opportunities to people. On these websites, users can upload items for sale and buy them as well. Now, if we talk about the most popular C2C business website then, eBay might just be on the top but according to a new survey conducted by GroupM Alibaba has taken that stop.

The above-mentioned survey was conducted by GroupM and was revealed to the public in September. The report was titled “This year, Next year: E-commerce and Retail Media Forecast” and was based on Retail Ecommerce Gross Merchandise Value (GMV).

For those who don’t know GMV OR Gross Merchandise Value is the amount of merchandise that has been sold through C2C or on e-commerce platforms. According to the data shared by GroupM Alibaba has taken first place based on GMV with 1,249 billion dollars worth of goods that had been sold on the website in 2021.

The Second place was taken by Amazon. The app is used by the majority of people in the US and Canada and the regions surrounding them. In the East, however, apps like Alibaba and Amazon are preferred. The Commerce giant does not only have an online website but there are physical stores too under the same name. Well coming on to the point, Amazon had a second place with 602.0 billion dollars. The third and fourth places were held by ($505.3 billion) and Pinduoduo ($383.0 billion) respectively.

eBay was surprisingly in fifth place with a meager amount of 85 billion dollars spent on the app. And not so surprisingly Walmart was in fifth place with a total amount of 73.2 billion dollars.

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