Apple Confirms More Ads Are Coming To The App Store

Ads can be really irritating for viewers, especially when they’re interrupting a serious task like downloads. And today, Apple just went public with the announcement of more ads being displayed across its App Store.

We’re sure you’re not loving the news but it’s how the company generates revenue. So the next time you’ll be on your way to adding more apps to your Apple device, you’ll surely be seeing more ads pop up your way.

Starting as early as Tuesday, the company says they’re rolling out two new categories for ads on the App Store. The news was recently confirmed by the media outlet MacRumours. Hence, all nations outside of China will be open to buying ad space on the company’s tab called Today that’s located toward the bottom part of a listing for the app.

After arriving, the ad would be featured as an icon that comes with a blue colored backdrop to help differentiate it from a few others.

While the Cupertino firm has managed to search ads on the App Store starting in 2016, it’s the Today Tab that had been reserved for things like recommendations. And hence now, any app would be given the chance to appear on the front pages of the Apple App Store. This will guarantee that it gets the viewership that it deserves when visiting the App Store.

The tech giant first published more about its Today tab a few months back. So now, we’re seeing it expand further as the firm makes way for a mega push that would expand the advertising division for the company.

It’s all thanks to this recent report by Bloomberg that also shared how the firm is on the move to increase its revenue figures by almost three times the value at which it stands today. And while the target is for the next three years, we might see it achieve that $10 billion target much sooner.

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