A Strategist Who Has Previously Worked For Many Famous Influencers Like Mr. Beast And Preston Tells People How To Create a Large Audience On YouTube

Paddy Galloway, a YouTube strategist, who has worked with many top YouTubers like Mr. Beast and Preston, and has watched millions of videos on the platform shares his observations on how to build an audience on YouTube. In the world of "Going Viral", this seems impossible but if you learn the right ways to gain traffic on your YouTube videos, you can earn thousands and millions of dollars.

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Paddy Galloway is just 26 years old but he has been making videos on YouTube for 15 years. He says that he was on the app when YouTube was still trying to make the right algorithm and everyone was making videos because it was the easiest form of entertainment that anyone could do in their bedroom. But now that the Shorts have been introduced since 2021, everyone is struggling to make a mark on YouTube.

Galloway says the first and foremost rule to making content on YouTube is to combine short and long-form videos. If you want to be on YouTube long-term basis, you should stick to the proper scheduling of videos. In a week, a YouTuber should post two short and two long-form videos. This will not only keep the audience engaged but will also mark your stay on the app.

The next step to create content on YouTube is to choose a niche. New content creators should avoid the mainstream niches and go for something that is not much popular. It can be about fishing, specific video games, etc. The next step, again, is related to shorts. Shorts help you gain more views than you think they do. You can use shorts to tell viewers what your upcoming video is about. But Paddy says that do not use snippets from your video. Make 60 seconds of self-contained story and engage the viewers so they can anticipate what's coming next on your channel.

Another advantage of making shorts is that they will help you to improve your storytelling and editing skills that you can apply to your longer videos later on. You can make shorts about anything related to your content. Paddy Galloway gave an example of his basketball content creator client who gained 37 Million views on a short video on "How many pumps does it take for a basketball to blow up?"

The next strategy is the most important but most content creators do not pay much attention to it. It is about how you should focus more on the number of views on a video than the number of subscribers on your channel. Mostly it is because the number of subscribers cannot determine if your content is worth watching or not. The views tell people that they should watch this video because it will probably have some useful information. When you gain more viewership, your content will get recommended on someone's homepage who wants to watch content similar to yours. This can gain you clicks and as a result, more views. On the other hand, someone can watch one of your videos and then subscribe to your channel. But no one can tell if he will watch your upcoming videos too.

Paddy Galloway says that even though subscribers aren't important, people still see them as a nice fantasy metric that people as well as many brands care about. You can get offered more money if you have more followers and that's the reason most people start making content on YouTube.

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