Instagram is testing a new option to add songs to a user's profile

Meta-owned Instagram is working on new features to make the platform look more appealing to users. The application developers have added a number of new features over time, including Reels, an updated interface for desktop users, and now, according to the latest tweet from Alessandro Paluzzi, leaker and mobile developer, the platform is working to allow its audience to add a song to their profile.

As per the screenshots shared by Paluzzi, the ability to add music can be accessed through the user page section. In this section, the user will be able to see “add a song to your profile” text, through which the desired music can be added to the profile. Once a link has been added, the saved song will be displayed in the user’s bio below the links section. However, the song doesn’t play in the beta version when the profile is visited, but it can be expected that when the final version of the feature is released, it may come with the option to play music.

This feature will be familiar to those from the mid-00s as it was a noticeable option available on MySpace, the first social network that reached the global level. It allowed users to express themselves through their favorite song, which used to play every time anyone visited their profile. Choosing a song was a very big deal for teenagers, as they considered the song to be a reflection of who they are; hence, it mattered to them.

Unfortunately, with other social media platforms emerging, Myspace lost the place it once had and with its popularity, the feature also faded away. The feature surfaced again in another application. The popular dating site, Raya, brought it back, allowing users to add songs to their dating profiles, so anyone looking out for dating partners can get an idea about the user’s personality from their favorite song.

The idea of a feature like this resurfacing on an application with a billion active users brings back a lot of nostalgic memories, but since the feature won’t be tested externally, it can be expected that the feature won’t be able to get a global release and the idea may get dissolved before it surfaces again.

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