YouTube May Soon Be Launching A New Video Page With A Similar Design Across Android, iOS, And The Web

YouTube has been busy with a new venture. The popular video app is currently testing a new video page that will unite its design seen across the web and iOS/Android devices.

As of now, we’re seeing rollouts take center stage at a much slower pace than imagined. But it could soon be coming your way,

The page has tweaked a number of different components, and we love the news about a new type of unified interface on offer.

One of the biggest highlights is linked to buttons that are intricately shaped like a pill to represent all of the major elements. For instance, you’ll see the Like Count and the Thumbs Up/Down be unified in a single container as compared to before, where they were found at two different locations.

And a similar treatment will be seen across other popular commands on the app. This includes buttons for Download, Create, Share, and more. But there’s a lot more change.

For instance, the carousel seen across mobile devices will now be featured beneath the details for a channel. The information will be found right after things like the content’s title, publish date, hashtags, and the total number of views.

Some other detail to keep a lookout for is the coincidence with the Ambient Mode. This is where the description is given a chance to merge with the video’s bottom with the system’s bar. All in all, the whole outlook provides a more immersive experience we feel.

And in case you want to activate or disable it, simply enter your overflow menu and do it.

Another major screen experts and avid app enthusiasts are raving about is the presence of the top comment. This will now be placed at a more prominent location; we just might feel that it’s designed to make more and more people engage.

But things are definitely more unique for YouTube’s desktop version. Here is where you’ll find visual descriptions getting more visual attention, and undoubtedly, the app hopes creators will surely achieve a benefit from it.

All in all, a few users have already commented on seeing the changes over the past few weeks, so we should see a full rollout soon. So stay tuned, and we’ll keep you posted as well.

H/T: 9to5G

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