Google Adds New Tweak To Lens That Enables Users To Launch Specific Filters Instantly

Right after a few other expected announcements that will arise by this month’s end, Google has decided to update its Lens. This change will enable users to launch into a filter instantly.

Ever since 2021, users who opened up Google Lens through their Search Bar, seen across the home screen or search, were first directed to a new three-part display. This gallery view gave rise to screenshots while the images were made to appear across a grid moments later.

You were even allowed to tap or swipe all the way down toward the ‘Search’ using your camera. Now, the company has opted to introduce a new carousel comprising lens filters that immediately introduce you to a new section.

After tapping on one, you activate the tool designed for visual search. And after swiping, you get the chance to click a description to see what every filter is designed to do.

As you can tell, it’s now a much more immediate process than the classic or default version of Google Lens. Previously, you’d have to open up the Search and then allow make sure users had refined their questions.

This great feature is up for grabs for both Android and iOS users today. Meanwhile, reports are hinting at how the company is all set to make a series of announcements regarding some more new Lens functionalities soon at its upcoming Search On. This is scheduled to occur by this month’s end.

Some visual search capabilities that have already been teased and talked about but not yet released include the multi-search using MUM technology for some harder and more detail-oriented queries.

Other than that, scene exploration is also being anticipated, where you basically search for something that’s right in front of you at that point in time.

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