YouTube Goes All In With Its Shorts Program As Plans To Split Ad Revenue With Creators In The Works

YouTube and its Shorts venture is being hailed for obvious reasons. The feature has taken the app to new heights of success, not to mention the great popularity and huge revenue generation.

Now, the company is planning on going all out on a possible new project in the works. The news comes to us thanks to a recent meeting held internally. From next week, creators of Shorts will be able to reap the benefits of their Shorts content as monetization is being rolled out.

The significant change is one that will enable the feature to give creators a new and much-anticipated means of making more money on the platform. And as you can expect, it was a long time coming. The company adds that these new changes will all be made public by September 20.

Recently, we’ve seen a number of creators speak about how they required watch times of around 4000 hours and around 1,000 subscribers before they could make more money through the app’s Partner program. But if you think the same criteria would still stand for creators of Shorts, well, think again.

This way, it won’t take a lot to be eligible for monetization when you’re putting out Shorts content, and the news is being hailed as a great one by creators. And then there were some talks about how ad revenue would be split up as well.

About 45% of the share would be handed to the creators, while the platform will keep the rest. And that’s quite different from what was outlined for regular content. In that case, it was a 55% share. But even this will do, we believe. The company is hoping that such a change manages to sway all types of creators to its app because there are so many opportunities to make money these days on YouTube.

This is what signals it out from other archrivals who are struggling with this part of the ballgame.

In times of economic uncertainty, what more could people ask for?

For a decade or more, the app has been called out for serving as the true powerhouse in terms of video content. And while most of them aren’t usually paid, creators enjoy making content and expressing themselves through the app.

Nevertheless, if you’re popular, you benefit more from others, and we’re talking about the creator economy turning into an actual career for some.

In the recent past, the uprising of vertical videos has really become attractive on the app. We saw it doing the same for similar apps like TikTok, which many claims is the leader in this respect. They were the pioneers of the feature, proving to be dominating. And as you can expect, others had to follow in their footsteps.

So, YouTube thought, why not make the most of the feature by pushing ahead with the ad business. And it’s also now planning on adding popular tracks in videos for an added incentive.

Much of the content on the app was flagged for copyright issues, and the platform was forced to send out the revenue generated from ads to those having the rights to the songs. Now, it’s planning on introducing a new and exciting venture. This is related to a collab with YouTube Music and Shorts where there will be a shared Playlist.

For now, the news is very new, but if and when it does launch, we feel it could be a true game changer for the app. Hence, this is just the start of great things on the app.


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