TikTok’s Popularity And Growth Among Social Media Platforms May Finally Be Declining, Proves New Study

When it comes down to one app that has seen mega success around the world in such a short span of time, TikTok is definitely a frontrunner.

The popular short-form video platform has really managed to reach new heights of success in such a short period. And quite often, it’s made headlines for being the biggest competition to its fellow archrivals.

Top apps can’t help but take inspiration from TikTok's layout and design, algorithms, and general functioning. But what if we told you that the app might finally be experiencing a moment of decline or slowing down in terms of growth?

The news comes to us thanks to new findings by Sensor Town, who recently published an entire report on this matter. However, it’s interesting to note how YouTube was identified as going strong and remaining constant in delivering a solid performance.

We wish we could say the same for Meta’s Facebook, but that’s not the case. They’ve really had a tough year, and now Instagram has also been reported to fall behind archrivals YouTube and TikTok. According to the data outlined, both of Meta’s mega revenue earners are going through a phase of decreased watch time.

As Meta’s apps went into decline, there was a time when TikTok took full advantage of the scenario. They really made the best use of that period by cashing in on time lost by those apps for their own gains. And it worked. But the terms slower growth and TikTok are unheard of, until now, that is.

But this report is clear proof that trends change with time and nothing is permanent. The fluctuating digital world and shifting landscape are a reminder that the world of social media has forced the biggest contenders to be on their toes at all times.

The study reveals that video is the main form through which people like to take in data. It showed that YouTube and even TikTok are going stronger than their counterparts, who are more inclined to text and pictures. And that means Facebook and Instagram.

In August, users across the US spent nearly 94 minutes in a day witnessing videos on their TikTok app. And that’s almost 10% more than the stats observed last year. However, this is also a mega slowdown from the major 45% YoY rates for growth that the app experienced.

Remember, during the pandemic, it was the biggest success and really got a major boost.

YouTube came second in terms of its watch time, where users were tuning in to the app for an average of 73 minutes a day. And yes, it fell short of TikTok but still manages to provide a strong performance, considering the app is so much older than its counterpart rival of the industry, TikTok.

Since January of this year, YouTube has seen a growth of around 10% compared to the stats of 2021. At that time, it was slightly declining. And now, its growth is predicted to be much stronger than Meta’s app offerings.

Both Facebook and Instagram proved to have YoY fallouts in August of this year. Instagram lost 8% in terms of its watch time and stood at 54 minutes. On the other hand, Facebook has an average watch time of just 45 minutes.

YouTube’s major success could partly be credited to its investment in the Shorts feature, which again was brought in after taking inspiration from TikTok. While only launching in 2020, it’s become the main platform offering, generating more views than ever. This means bigger revenue and profits for the app, and they couldn’t be more grateful.

H/T: Insider.

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