YouTube Gives A Sneak Peek Regarding Improvements Made To Its Channel Pages

YouTube has recently gone public with some major improvements it made to its Channel Pages. And we’ve rounded them up for you below.

For starters, fans requesting the app for Tabs on its most popular features are taking center stage. Ann Katrin the product manager says fans have been very outspoken about Tabs for Live streams and Shorts, and they’re getting that on their channel page.

YouTube is splitting up content into three different features: Videos, Shorts, and Live Streams, so it’s a much more organized affair than before. Videos will feature all long-form content, Shorts will have short-form content, while the live streams will include past, current, and upcoming live streams on the cannel pages (if any). These changes will be seen arriving on the platform by the fall of this year.

Next up, landing viewers directly on the Shorts Tab will be made possible when they’re coming from the Shorts player. This will assist in terms of adding ease and convenience while also aiding them to find more content on your channel. The app says this will also arrive by fall.

Other than that, YouTube provided another update on some visual channel improvements. Previously, this was restricted to just mobile, but now, you can expect it to be rolled out for tablets and the app's web version.

The whole idea is to add a more innovative and modern approach. There will be better styling options and a tagline, refreshing the app's overall outlook at these places. YouTube also hopes to include better options for user navigation. Any empty tabs will now be deleted to clear up unnecessary clutter on channels. YouTube is also in the search for ways to promote the content of creators better, so it’s looking for ways to do just that creatively.

Last but not least, YouTube wants to add a more personalized touch to its Channel Home Tab. Creators have been complaining about how hard it can actually get to add a customized touch to their home tab. This is to make sure the right content lands in front of the right audience.

So the app has decided to explore ways to ensure specific content gets tailored directly to the intended viewers who would enjoy it better than others. After all, they’re the ones with interest.

Hence, the app will try to link users’ watch history to that content to make it a much more personalized ordeal. Similarly, it could be tailored based on the language spoken or their topic affinity. This is bound to be more effective for creators having channels that have various languages or topic diversity on offer, which will appeal to all sorts of audiences.

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