Apple Outlines The iPhone 14 Benefits Of 8 eSIMs and Dual Active eSIMs Versus Traditional Models

So the new iPhone is out, and people are just trying to figure out the pros and cons. And in case you didn’t know, there’s quite a bit of frenzy surrounding the US model dropping traditional slots for SIM cards and opting for eSIMs.

A lot of concerns were on the rise for the topic, and that’s why the Cupertino firm is now unleashing facts via a support document that it feels can help justify the change. This includes the added ease and convenience provided to US travelers flying overseas.

But users aren’t convinced just yet. Some even claim that it might prove to be an added hassle because switching between cellular providers will have them paying major fees in the name of roaming.

Apple disagrees and is sticking by its guns. According to them, it’s nothing like that. The new iPhone 14 series has the capacity for up to 8 different eSIMs, and it’s been the same for product models dating back to the good old iPhone XS. Additionally, both iPhones 13 and 14 may have 2 active eSIMs.

You could have one dedicated to your residence while the other would be for your travel needs. And you can choose to swap them both out by simply going and clicking on the settings part of your device. Yes, it’s that simple.

And with this electronic SIM, you stay organized because all of your SIMs are located in a single place, your device. Hence, you get rid of the hassle of carrying, swapping, and storing SIMs that can easily get lost.
Moreover, the document can be seen going on and on about how it’s quite simple to adopt an eSIM if this is your first time. The support documents outline a step-by-step guide, and all in all, we love the detailed approach it’s providing.

Now, there’s no need to break a sweat, as getting the desired SIM from either a local or a foreign carrier is easier than you may have thought. Some are even providing convenience that comprises prepaid options. Hence, you can also have your SIM prepared for you before your arrival.

As a whole, Apple claims at least 400 different carriers can be found around the globe. And each of them caters to Apple’s eSIM.

Despite Apple’s insistence, critics argue that not every carrier supports the eSIM technology But seeing how strongly they’re getting adopted in the US model of the latest iPhone means we could soon hear of others being inspired.

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