The Chinese-Based Top Widgets Apps Saw A Meteoric Rise To The Top of US-Based App Store Charts

The app Top Widgets has cleared the way to the top of the US free App Store charts, replacing BeReal in the process.

The iOS 16 is still in its infancy, having been officially released to the world back in July 2022, no more than a month or two ago. However, as with all new Apple products, it’s gained quick traction with the company’s core user base and is already well on its way in terms of racking up numbers. However, let’s take a moment to talk about something that didn’t come with the iOS 16: Widgets. While Widgets have been around for a long time, with certain Android devices reportedly having the feature since the late 2000s, they were recently popularized by Apple’s iOS 14 bringing them as a thematic touch to the home screens of associated iPhones. And honestly, if an Android feature falls in the forest with no one around to hear of it, did it ever fall in the first place?

Naturally, with Home Screen Widgets allowing users a bunch of creative flexibility via which to craft shortcuts and themes, several assisting tools and videos have sprung up in the past few years. I honestly recall a friend of mine stumbling their way through a 20-minute video to arrive at a Studio Ghibli-inspired Home Screen widgets setup, which seems sort of worth it to me. That’s where Top Widgets and its recent string of success comes into place. With developers based in Sichuan, China, the app was initially developed and released back in August of 2020, coinciding with the rising popularity of iOS 14, Widgets as a concept, and the pandemic giving everyone time enough to work on crafting smartphone themes.

Currently, the app has continued to rise in success and has even made it to the number one spot on the App Store’s free USA downloads. Much of this success can be mapped out as early on as two days ago when Top Widget’s numbers saw a big bump following the release of iOS 16. In two days, the application saw a total of 1.3 million new downloads, a ridiculously dramatic increase of 1,812% from its download number of 68,000. In just two days, which speaks to Apple’s brand as a whole: literally within a day of the iOS 16 hitting phones, everyone wants to start playing around with new features.


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