YouTube Launches Two Exciting Updates For Creators, And Here’s What To Expect

YouTube is being hailed as the app that goes the extra mile to help its creators. And this new round of platform launches is proof of that.

The platform was seen as adding a new means through which creators could better engage via the Shorts features with the community. This is where the concept of creating innovative Shorts comes into play, simply based on a single comment seen on the video.

As seen via this particular example, the new feature gives a quick link to design your own Short through a comment that a user recently posted. The comment gets allocated to a sticker located in the camera for Shorts.

You can say that it’s similar to the TikTok app’s video reply feature. And in case you didn’t know, Instagram already took the feature under its wing last year in December.

The app mentioned the news via a recently published blog post. It went on and on about how it’s finally answering users' prayers related to featuring comments on Shorts content. Before we forget, this launch is the first of its kind, as far as the Shorts feature is concerned.

So as you can see, YouTube is now more keen on leaning toward the engagement aspect of things, and that’s why it’s taking this TikTok-themed idea on board for Shorts. The fact that Shorts has really turned into a massive success in such a short time means the app is definitely going to work more on the feature to generate better revenue, which seems to be a great start.

If you’re interested, the feature is launching today and hence can be available to all creators of Shorts having an iOS device in the next few weeks. But don’t worry, Android users, you’ll get a separate launch.

The app is paving the way for advertisers. YouTube is seeking ways to align itself in terms of video consumption. This new feature is an automated process for reformatting landscape videos into a square or blockish appearance.

Ultimately, the whole process matches your presentation display depending on how every person engages with the content. And what you get is a much more streamlined result.

YouTube revealed through its recent blog post that machine learning models identify certain features in the content, like faces, motion, and integral objects. It then chops it down into several different scenes. In the end, integral elements tend to pop up more centrally.

In this way, advertisers will better align themselves with the help of usage trends and even Shorts. That is trending and bringing in some significant revenue for the app.

YouTube also revealed how it has conducted its own research, and it proved how landscape content alone failed to get desirable engagement. Meanwhile, those advertisers who incorporated vertical creative assets in their videos benefitted greatly,

Think along the lines of up to 20% more conversion reached per dollar.

Short-form content is definitely trending for all the right reasons. And this way, brands could better allocate themselves to this new shift. The best bit is that it does not need a lot of effort or time.

For now, the feature is open for several different App Campaigns. Similarly, the platform is speaking more about another feature called templates for ads of vertical videos. You can find that in Google Ads’ tool for creating videos.

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