YouTube Announces An Array Of New Updates For The App, And Here’s What To Expect

YouTube has announced an array of updates on the app. From changes to its community guidelines for sensitive content to the launch of a new experiment - we’ve covered it all for your convenience below. So let’s take a look!

For starters, YouTube has opted to enhance its accessibility feature for all. Therefore, it's launching a new experiment called Touch Captions. For now, it’s a test that will be performed solely on the desktop and will entail just a limited number of English content channels.

The experiment will begin toward the end of September. As far as the feature is concerned, well, it’s going to enable users to suggest auto-captions by directly fiddling with the app’s panel for transcriptions. So YouTube hopes an overall enhancement of quality can come into play with this new addition for captions while reducing the time and effort of creators and users that hope to add their contributions to a channel.

When viewing a channel with this feature, the user can simply open the transcript, click the editor, and provide suggestions. This way, it won't impact their watch experience.

But remember, the feature is only going to be available for video content where the button for automatic captions is kept on.

Next up, the company is taking great pride in its partnership with OBS, which actually took place late last month. So now, HDR support will be passed on to OBS users too. This is the name reserved for high dynamic range support.

This will enable users to witness better contrast of colors than the standard range. So you can see the great impact that deeper blacks and brighter whites can add to HDR screens that support this system.

The feature will be available to all OBS users with the appropriate coder and settings to stream directly to YouTube. And this won’t have any need for additional equipment for use or setup.

YouTube then went on to shed light on a new update to its community guidelines that came into effect on September 7. This update on the policy for nudity and explicit content is taking center stage for both animated and live content.

YouTube wants to make sure the app is a platform for all to be safe while expressing themselves artistically. Anything from television or fictional content that does not cross the line and is directed to educate viewers will be allowed solely. This includes removing age restrictions for sexual content that displays zero nudity.

If there is the content linked to a sex toy that isn’t being promoted in the script in a graphic or sexual manner, it won’t be age-restricted again. Therefore, safe sex tutorials or product reviews for sex toys whose main intention is solely to provide education on the subject won’t be age-restricted.

However, ASMR content that’s sexually gratifying will be restricted on the platform, like explicit sounds. These will come with age restrictions or be completely removed. And the new change would apply to content, thumbnails, banners, and posts.

Any image featuring explicit material without warning will be removed or age-restricted. Remember, all of these updates apply to all content types, like videos, comments, links, and more. All content uploaded after this policy was introduced will have to face the consequences.

Lastly, the app wants to be more engaging and immersive for viewers, so they’re exploring a new version of vertical videos on Home. This includes updated thumbnails to the 4 by 5 size for better viewership. YouTube hopes the feature can enhance both views and total watch time for creators on the app.

This new feature is getting launched around the world this week so stay tuned.

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