YouTube is merging its YouTube Short and YouTube Music channels to provide a shared playlist

As the short video trend began to attract attention, many social media platforms started to bring cloned features aboard. Similarly, the renowned video streaming hub, YouTube, which is famous for its long videos, has also added a similar feature under the name of YouTube Shorts.

So far, the Short developers have done an amazing job by engaging more users with this new YouTube Short feature, and over time, they keep adding new or updated features to make it a more user-friendly experience for everyone.

Another recent development in this project is linking YouTube Shorts with YouTube Music. Most of the shorts are based on music in the background, which attracts more viewers. Based on the music, the feature already provides an option through which the viewers can watch other videos that have the same background music. But after the two YouTube-owned projects are linked, the viewers will not only be able to watch other related content but if they want to save the used music, it can also be done easily with just a single tap on the Save button.

Once the used music is saved, it can be found under the Sounds from Short folder, which will be available on both the YouTube application and YouTube music as well.

This feature will be more exciting for YouTube Music users as they will be able to use this saved music or soundtracks in their short video content.

In comparison to the features offered by TikTok, which gave a boost to this short video content, YouTube is providing an additional feature to its users, making it easy for them to not only find good music but to be able to use it for their projects.

The fusion of YouTube Shorts with YouTube Music is a gateway for new features under this section. And it can be expected that other social media or video-sharing platforms will be coming up with similar ideas but with different features to attract more audiences to keep up with the competition.

H/T: 9to5G

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