Workplace Sustainability To Be Preferred By 32% of Employees For Better Results

According to the latest survey of Adobe, around 32% of the employees around the globe preferred workplace sustainability and growth for better results.

Sustainability plays a prime role in most organizations. Almost 35% of employees accept the fact that sustainable practices in an organization result in a productivity boost, employee growth, better innovation, and suitable working culture. Besides this, the survey shows that the in-office employees are more concerned about the organization's environment and working culture compared to hybrid and remote employees.

Still, maintaining a sustainable environment remains a challenge for most organizations. In the upcoming years, various challenges such as rising supply costs, geopolitical issues, and supply chain shortages will be faced by ample organizations to maintain their growth. To cover these challenges, 42% of employees think that their organizations would be spending $100,00 to $100,000 for sustainability to maintain a better growth and environment in their organization.

Various employees think that the organizations will be able to cover up these challenges in the upcoming ten years as there will be advanced technology and numerous ways to overcome a variety of challenges. Most of them believe that their organizations will strengthen their internal processes and would be dedicating a sustainability department in the future for better growth and the organization's environment.

Furthermore, the survey also shows that despite the arising challenges, the employees are still motivated that their organizations would be facing and eradicating those challenges that affect sustainability and the organization's growth. The survey shows that in the coming 10 years, people are willing to reduce plastic usage for reduced waste, purchase more sustainable products for a better environment, change their traveling habits for a better lifestyle, and change their home energy sources for maintaining a healthy environment and culture around them.

Furthermore, besides this, people are trying to reduce the negative impact of the environment in their workplaces whether it's physical, remote, or hybrid. For achieving better growth and productivity they are trying to eradicate the negative impacts caused by environmental change as it can directly affect the working culture, growth, results, and sustainability within an organization.

To conclude, numerous employees, prefer to work for an employer or for an organization that targets sustainability and growth in the future, regarding sustainability so there are ample challenges to be faced in the future but along with the organizations, the people have also kept their hopes high to fight against these challenges for maintaining a better and sustainable working culture and environment.

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