What Do You Do Online? Survey Highlights Digital Habits Of Users Worldwide

In case you didn’t know, most of us spend a huge fraction of our lives staring at our devices but what is it that really takes up so much of our time?

Well, to help bring an end to the curious mystery, NordVPN has surveyed a number of global citizens representing different countries to see where they stand in terms of digital habits. And this is what they managed to gather so far.

Amount of time spent online: Country Rankings

The survey delineated the top countries that spend the most time on the web and some of the results are interesting, to say the least.

Brazil led the pack, followed up closely by South Korea, Taiwan, and then Spain. Canada took the 11th position, beating out the United Kingdom at rank 13, which was closely followed by the US.

Key findings of the study

Since the study was a global approach, the results obtained were also divided country-wise.

Here is a summarized version of what the study was able to conclude:
  1. Brazilians spend most of their time online. To be more specific, that’s 41 years and 3 months.
  2. Australians adore social media, where they can spend 9 hours on average each week.
  3. The Japanese population spends the least time of their lives online, around 11 years to be exact.
  4. Other than their real jobs, the French love their social media and movie streaming activities
  5. The Brits are a huge fan of gaming, spending almost 4 hours per week
  6. Germans like to divide their free time between television show streaming and social media
  7. Citizens of the US lead a very balanced life in terms of the digital world
  8. Canadians are addicted to media streaming, where an average citizen could easily spend 8 hours during just that.
  9. The Spanish can’t help themselves when it comes to watching movies and television shows after work.
  10. Taiwan’s population prefers to scroll through social media and stream videos online in their leisure time.

Can you make it through the day without using the web?

Well, it’s easier said than done in scenarios like these. According to the study, more than 50% of UK citizens surveyed said they just couldn’t help themselves from using the web. Surprisingly, Britain was towards the bottom of the list in terms of internet usage and that just goes to show how much people adore the web.

What type of information can you find about yourself online?

The fact that we spend hours online clearly must mean something. Hence, NordVPN ventured out to see what sorts of information can users really find on the web relating to themselves.

Well, first things first, you’ll find all of your bank details here. Secondly, relationship status and your address are other valuable information seen online. In the same way, your likes and dislikes along with your clothing size are other unique personal details that you are likely to come across when searching online.

Certainly, this study was a complete handful of insightful information for so many of us. The survey was commissioned by NordVPN where quotas were placed on a number of factors like age, address, and gender.

The time spent online was calculated through the average lifespan in a particular nation and it’s amazing to see how particular activities were measured individually.
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