Apple CEO Makes It Clear That He’s Not A Fan Of RCS And Would Prefer Users To Buy An iPhone

Apple CEO Tim Cook is very bold and blunt when it comes to his words and that’s why when he was asked to give his opinion on RCS, he didn’t hesitate one bit.

The Cupertino firm’s CEO was questioned by an audience member at this year’s Code Conference about Apple adopting RCS and allowing people to see videos in better quality formats. To that, Cook said that it would be better to simply buy an iPhone.

For those who aren’t quite familiar with the concept, well, RCS is similar to hypercharged SMS. Therefore, users get the chance to release top-notch multimedia files, similar to chat applications like WhatsApp or even Telegram.

At the same time, we see it putting standard texting features on display such as typing indicators, read receipts, and more amongst others.

There has been plenty of talk and debates linked to Blue Bubbles and Green Bubbles. The former is related to iMessage while the latter has to do with other texting on Apple devices.

And at the same time, the search engine giant has been putting a lot of pressure on the iPhone maker to bring the RCS on board so Android users may send out multimedia texts to Apple users. This way, we’d bid farewell to the bubble war once and for all.

A new campaign had even been launched in this regard to help persuade consumers to listen to what Google had to say, indirectly forcing Apple to shape up its world of texting. This was called ‘get the message’ and it hoped to add more pressure on Apple to alter its mind on the matter.

The website for this particular campaign went into plenty of detail as well. They said it was beyond just a war of bubble colors but had more to do with important things. From broken-up chats to missing receipts for texts, not to mention poor-quality videos as well- the list was wrong.

The issues have been there for a while now and Apple simply fails to pay heed or think about what benefits it would gain by adopting RCS. They just don’t get the picture of modern texting or wish to get the picture related to the matter.

At the moment, there are currently nearly 500 million users of the texting format around the globe and they’re all loving Google’s app designed for messaging.

Tim Cook says customers at Apple are not asking for this type of support. As recently put out by The Verge, Cook revealed how his users of Apple aren’t requesting support like this. And if there’s not a lot of demand, the firm doesn’t see the point of stressing the topic as much.

The matter linked to various bubbles is not present when you’re using various apps such as WhatsApp or Telegram or even Messenger. And that’s one of the main reasons why so many people are now turning to solutions from third parties.

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