The upcoming iOS 16 won’t be compatible with the iPhone 6 and 7

Silicon Valley’s Apple boasted its latest iPhone this week. The new iPhone 14 series will be equipped with a new iOS. This new iOS 16 was first presented 3 months ago at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

The most notable features of the new iOS will be the sought-after customizable control and an updated version of screen lock. Not only iPhone 14 users, but also those with older iPhones, will be able to enjoy the new operating system, as iOS 16 will be released on September 12th.

However, for iPhone 6 and 7 users, this could be upsetting as their devices won’t be compatible with the new OS. This is because of the Neural Engine, which made its debut with the iPhone 8. Unlike the previous three iOS versions, which were found to be compatible with all the iPhone devices, iOS 16 will be dependent on the neural engine support. As a result, in order to experience the upcoming version, users will be required to upgrade to iPhone 8 or above devices.

Apple has done remarkable work to carry all iPhone users, despite the device they’ve been using, and ensure that every iOS user experiences the latest changes. It is demonstrated by the fact that the iPhone 6 is the only generation to have experienced seven different iOS versions. But as per the change in technology and time, this generation won’t be seeing any new updates.

According to the data graph shared by Statista, it can be seen which iPhone generation supports which iOS. The first operating system was only compatible with the iPhone and iPhone 3G, but as the S series and Plus series started to make their appearance, the devices became more and more compatible. For quite a period of time, iOS 15 held its spot, but now, with the upcoming iOS 16, it will begin its journey by letting go of the 6th and 7th generations of the series.

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