WhatsApp is working on new updates for both Android and iOS

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the best chatting apps ever made. The app served as the saving grace of socialites when all hope was lost. It helped families stay connected over thousands of miles and is still serving this purpose. The app is used by millions of people every day.

Now, when we take a scenario where we have just sent a message that was meant for a group of friends to a group of work colleagues. So, we go to delete it but bad luck strikes again and we delete it just for ourselves. With this being done we have no way to even see the message much less retrieve it. but, this new WhatsApp for the iOS feature is just the solution to it. This new feature will let users retrieve their deleted messages within a set time of deleting them.

According to a screenshot posted by WABetaInfo, when we delete a message by mistake, we have a few seconds to retrieve the message before it is gone forever by using a small bar that will pop up once we delete the message. It will say message deleted and will have a small undo button on the side and clicking on the button will bring the message back. This feature has been around for Android for a long time now but as of yesterday it has come to iOS as well and the WhatsApp for iOS 22.19.75 update is listed as a compatible version.

Moving on to our second update of the day, it is a very exciting one that is made for android.

When we go onto Instagram stories we are often face to face with the polls option on stories, whether it is in our own or other people’s Instagram stories. Well, what if we told you that this feature is now under development on WhatsApp for Android as well?

The thing is that according to newly released data from WABetainfo, this feature will let users create polls and share them in groups with up to 12 options for a single poll. We don’t know for sure if this number will change before the official release but there is a high chance of this happening.

According to a screenshot, when we go to the attachment option on the chat, that is exactly where we will find the option. As this feature is still under development this is all that has been released about it as of now but make sure to keep your ears peeled for any new developments.

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