WhatsApp Is Working On Allowing Easier Imports And Exports Between Devices Having Previously Been Used For Such Purposes

WhatsApp’s recent beta reveals that the platform is developing a new method via which users can import previous backups onto a new device.

Whenever users are importing their chat and media history onto a different smartphone, they are first prompted to ensure that an online save file is made in the first place (a cloud-based save file, to be specific). This action is typically carried out using an individual’s Google Drive, iCloud, or another alternative online database service. Once the save is made, a user can transfer their WhatsApp account across devices and then download the entire file onto the new device. This process can be a little bit cumbersome, since it requires a few hours worth of effort, depending on file size, and a consistent Wi-Fi connection. These aren’t necessarily difficult to provide, but it’s just slightly inconvenient. With the new feature, we’re about to discuss, however, WhatsApp is aiming to introduce just a slight amount of ease to the entire process, provided that some prerequisites are met.

WhatsApp beta reveals a feature being worked upon that allows users to import backups on previous devices. This feature is currently being fleshed out and has a long way to go. Therefore, its final iteration could look markedly different from whatever information can gleam from the current project. However, to quickly break down the details, if any prior backups had been made on a device, they can immediately be imported, thus circumventing the need for a Wi-Fi connection for that specific build. This feature heavily relies on WhatsApp having already made automatic backups, and on two devices having already established an import-export relationship. However, even this relatively limited wiggle room can prove to be useful in specific conditions.

This isn’t the first that we’ve heard of the feature as well, since it was first noted by WABetaInfo as being a part of the beta build of the platform. However, this is by far the more comprehensive build of the two, even if there is still a lot more information to be divulged regarding the final product.

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