US Customs’ Policy Enables Data Retrieval And Sharing From User Devices For 15 Years

Thanks to one senator from the US, there are plenty of alarm bells ringing after a shocking discovery related to the US Customs and border protection unit was made public.

According to the Senator, a CBP policy has enabled an agency to track, trace, and download user data located on searched devices for up to 15 years. And if required, they’re even given a chance to make the information public to many federal agents.

The news was first made public thanks to Senator Ron Wyden. He wrote the following concerning information. In that, he urged officials to take note of this and update their policy because it wasn’t right. Looking through anyone and everyone’s phone for such a long time and having that data become a part of the database was really a shocking feature to some.

As of now, it’s still unclear what the exact figures are as far as people affected are concerned. Hence, how many Americans have gotten their data taken and shared with Federal agents continues to be a mega mystery for obvious reasons.

The Senator was furious and stated that the CBC wasn’t cooperating well with his team and failed to provide more information on the matter. And even though all of this data collection is being done on the basis of security, some reports confirm border searches continuously arising without any warrants being issued.

Why personal devices are being tapped into without a special request or permission is a question on many people’s minds. And now, the issue has been upheld in front of the public to raise awareness on the subject.

Similarly, some reports by the Senator claim that searches are taking place on travelers and they’re not even told about their rights in the country before they’re forced to give up their phones. In the same way, there aren’t any tear sheets being offered when a search begins, and that’s concerning, which allows the traveler to refuse.

Just taking devices and not outlining the measures of how data is being looked at is really shocking. And then seizing that data for a period of 15 years is just mind-boggling for many.

After that, there was some discussion about how tear sheets do mention how collecting this sort of data is mandatory. However, they failed to outline how the officials have no right to arrest Americans or stop them from making an entry into the country, just in case they don’t inform the CBC of any passwords belonging to their devices.

On that note, the Senator added that no one could be tricked for the sake of data, be it their phone or laptop.

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