Instagram’s New Tactic to Help Influencers by Creating Social Media Kit

Since creators are the main focus of Instagram, the platform tries its best to attract more creators by all possible means. One of its most recent innovations to increase engagement and attract creators is the new Social Media Kit.

Instagram’s creator campaigns have been quite frequent recently, starting from its revenue-generating tactics to creator-funding options. Now Instagram is adding more to the creative help side than the money-making side.

So what exactly does this kit contain? According to Alessandro Paluzzi, it is a list of things that would help brands build and prepare their pitches. It consists of tools that would help you add text to showcase your work and select your favorite posts to display. It also provides an option to show the people and brands you're working with and show your Instagram insights.

This new kit will make your Instagram profile into a perfectly presentable package for all possible collaborators or clients. You can write in your bio, showcase your top posts, and point to previous collaborators. It will also add key analytics and audience stats.

After reviewing all these features, this does resemble the Meta Creator Platform a lot. So is this an original idea or is it just a copy? Well, whatever it might be, we’re sure it will have the Instagram touch to it and it will help creators perform better.

One difference that we did pick out is that Instagram’s kit provides more power and control to creators. They have full power over how their profile is represented to clients or partners. However, here’s the con. This kit is still a prototype, an internal one.

Since YouTube announced the launch of a similar feature a while back, we are sure Instagram will announce its official launch soon as well. This is quite the feature to lure in more creators and we believe the platform that launches it first will have the most benefit over the others.

Instagram and YouTube are on the road to improving the opportunities for their users however TikTok is still a little slow in this process. Since the monetization features aren't the best, it will only take a while for creators to realize which platform serves as the best one in terms of revenue.

TikTok is even being compared to Vine, a similar platform that faced its demise when it couldn't provide enough monetization. However, it should also be considered that TikTok is far better liked and popular than Vine. It also is a huge platform, unlike Vine. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to money. So unless TikTok improves its revenue-generating opportunities, it cannot look forward to better days.

We are expecting big things from each platform and hope to see more opportunities for creators everywhere.

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