Smartphone prices are high and that is why 1 in 10 are preferring hand-me-down or second hand phones

Smartphones are something that is a necessity in this growing world of technology, but for some a luxury, they can’t afford. Smartphones have always been priced in a high range even from the start. With phones like the iPhone 14 costing as much as 1600 dollars after including sales tax and some even going higher, it is no surprise that some people in the US cannot afford a brand new phone every time they need one. Most median full-time workers in the US earn less than 50 percent of what the iPhone 14 is priced at every week.

If we look at the results of Statista's Global Consumer Survey, most US consumers bought their main mobile phones at retail prices while they were new, but, the phone that came bundled with a mobile subscription plan was the most popular second option. However, very surprisingly only 5 percent of the surveyed mobile phone users said that they had bought their phone second-hand, along with the 6 percent who had gotten it as a hand-me-down from either parents or siblings.

According to the chart posted by Statista, 62.1 percent of the people surveyed said that they had bought it at retail price. Second place was commandeered by the 17.1 percent of people who had gotten their primary phone as a part of their mobile service subscription plan.

5.7 percent got theirs as a hand–me–down from family members and 5 percent bought their mobile phone as a second hand. 2.1 percent said that they had received their mobile phone from their employer as a part of their job and 7.8 percent said that they either had another reason or they did not know.

The survey which was conducted by Statista was spread out from July 2021 to Jun 2022 and consisted of 7,983 respondents from the age groups of 18-64. This should be noted that the survey was conducted almost exclusively in the United States and all the data is based on what has been collected there.

These prices of smartphones are making it harder for people to stay connected with the people they care about and stay in the loop. Smartphones have often proved to be life-saving devices and not having them could enlarge the level of danger one is already in by preventing them from reaching help at their most crucial time.

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