A numbers of firms went through a massive data breach last year

In terms of the attack surface, old network technology pales in comparison to modern cloud technology. It is well-known for maintaining transparency regarding the data extracted by third-party sites and applications, as well as how that data is secured and used. But not everyone agrees with it.

In light of the research carried out by Snyk, a security provider and analyst company, eighty percent of corporations went through a security breach last year which resulted in personal data leaking out. This breach of data indicates that firms need to upgrade the way they secure user data and how it is processed.

Adapting to cloud security is not an easy task. As explained by Snyk, 78% of institutions believe that traditional methods are outdated and are no longer compatible with the cloud. On the other hand, a massive 93% of the survey participants showed concern over the lack of cyber security specialists.

According to Andrew Wright, the man behind the report, cloud technology is pushing developers to go swiftly to catch up with modern requirements. Andrew further added that the complications faced by cloud networks are due to the unproductive measures taken by the firms. Almost seventy-seven percent of the companies that took part in this research agreed that they face major problems which arise due to the incompatible match between the team and the tools used by them while dealing with errors.

However, these limitations can be fixed by taking some actions, including a change in the root code. This can be done with the help of IaC organizations, so the probability of error can be reduced to a minimum.

The research team itself provides services to other companies by offering them other methods to guide them towards cloud networking and empower developers so that any coding errors can be dealt with on time.

Many organizations provide these services, so any bug or issue can be identified in time before data is breached, which not only causes problems for the company but the leaked data can also be misused.

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