WhatsApp Is Planning On Allowing Users To Edit Messages, And Also Blacklist Specific Contacts From Viewing Their Online Statuses

WhatsApp code reveals that coveted features such as hiding one’s online status from specific individuals and the ability to edit messages are currently under beta development.

As a part of the social media platform’s beta (although very limited individuals have encountered this feature in the build as well), WhatsApp is allowing users to hide their online status from select individuals. This is honestly such a useful feature that acknowledges just how much WhatsApp as a platform has grown. Since the social media site relies on a user’s number to add contacts, it has become a hodge-podge of discourse both casual and professional. While this makes things much easier in many ways, in others it can be a bit of a hassle.

As of yet, users can choose to hide their online status from everyone in their contact list, but I’m sure that some individuals would prefer simply blacklisting a specific set of contacts instead of everyone. That’s where this new feature rolls in, allowing users to hide their current status from specific users, thus gaining a semblance of control over how their virtual life on the platform is led. Honestly, I can see this feature taking root because it’s very difficult to lead a balanced online life when everyone from one’s friends, family, and coworkers can access you via the same platform.

The second feature on our list is also a very interesting one, even if I’m not fully certain about whether or not it’ll be implemented in the future. While this isn’t part of any beta, since the feature is in very early development, a screenshot from WABetaInfo reveals that the planned feature of editing one’s messages has made it onto the desktop version of WhatsApp.

Editing messages is a feature that social media platforms typically don’t have, reserving this for comment sections, posts, and such. However, WhatsApp is attempting to tread new ground by allowing users to edit their messages outright. Sure, if users can delete messages within the first few seconds of sending them, why not allow them the ability to just edit out the mistakes (both intentional and unintentional)? WhatsApp previously discussed applying this feature to the platform’s smartphone version and is still confident enough in it to continue with a desktop version.

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