Twitter Begins Public Testing For Editable Tweets But It Comes With Limitations

If there’s one feature of Twitter that users have been awaiting, it’s definitely editable tweets.

The platform recently announced how it has begun publicly testing the highly anticipated feature. And we won’t lie, it’s a functionality that’s been in the works for a while now. Remember, the first time we heard speculations about the feature was way back in 2018.

But it was not until 2022 that the platform confirmed that this functionality was underdevelopment. And today, it’s our lucky day because the firm has even shared some more detailed information about its edit button.

Speaking to TechCrunch, the app mentioned how there will be some restrictions on the number of times a user can edit. For instance, any one user would only be allowed to edit their words five times and not more than that. Wow, just the thought of that limitation might put some people off.

But wait, there is more. Users will only be provided with a timeframe of 30 minutes, during which an edit can be conducted for their original tweet. So if you exceed that time limit, well, better luck next time. Twitter has made it very clear recently how the limitations on such edits are being added to prevent users from taking advantage of the functionality.

Twitter says it is trying to avoid or prevent its users from abusing the feature and that’s why the only way out was this. It also boldly declared that if such restrictions weren’t in place, it would end up allowing people to carry out malicious actions with ease.

Imagine a threat actor editing some form of a popular tweet so as to help spread false information over the platform. Also, it could very easily carry out cryptocurrency scams too. Twitter adds that it’s very much possible that editable tweets could also be taken for granted and misused but still, the probability is less than the original ones.

The company revealed that it had to calculate the benefits and the risks to move forward with the decision. And in this case, they’re hoping the benefits outnumber the risks attached.

As mentioned previously by the firm, the feature will first be available exclusively to Twitter’s Blue members only. Also, a new piece of news that was published today is how the company isn’t going for an all-in-one rollout. The launch would take place one country at a time so first in line is New Zealand and Australia, and then will come Canada and the USA.

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