Twitter Is Finally Testing Its Most Highly Anticipated ‘Edit Button’

Twitter fans are going to love this next piece of news! The most highly anticipated ‘Edit Button’ is being tested by the company after so many years of hilarious jokes and memes.

This means editable tweets will finally be available but not to everyone right now. The company mentioned how the rollout would first be for its priority Twitter Blue Subscribers and would arrive by the end of this month.

At the moment, the functionality has reached its internal testing phase and seems to be awfully similar in design and use to fellow archrival Facebook’s edit style. This entails a complete linked edit history for all of its tweets that were seen thanks to several leaks during the earlier part of this year.

A new blog post by the platform spoke in detail about how the tweets would now be edited several times in the 30-minute timeframe, right after they are posted.

Any tweets that have undergone an edit would appear with that particular icon, label, and timestamp too. This way, it’s going to be clear for all readers that the original post has undergone modification.

H/T: MattNavarra

This new edit label would also include an entire edit history, while past versions of the particular tweet would also be up for grabs. At the moment, the firm is testing out the editable feature with only a small group of people. This way, any issues in the early period could be detected easily.

This entails how people may end up misusing the new feature. As twitter reiterates, a person could never be too careful in this regard.

After completion of this particular testing phase, Blue users will be given preference over all others for the new Edit Tweet button. These tests would be localized to a particular nation during the start and then later on expanded as the firm learns more and begins to observe how people end up using the tweet button.

Without a doubt, this particular Edit Button has been one of the most requested features of all time. For a while now, people can’t help urging admin members to take notice, and now that Twitter has, there is some concern regarding its misuse.

As mentioned by the company’s former CEO Jack Dorsey, such a button had no use on the app and hence would most likely never arise across this app. But clearly, that’s not the case.

In case you didn’t know, Twitter is definitely a little late to the party. Apps like Facebook, Medium, and Instagram have been offering edit buttons for a while now. And also, there are not too many cases that prove its misuse.

But a rare example came about through the Facebook app where a cryptocurrency scam had entailed the editing button. However, it wasn’t hyped up too much and was again very rare to come across.

Twitter is, for now, only talking about a possible launch for Blue users only. Hence, we’re not sure if and when the button would be made available for regular users of the platform.

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