Apple Takes Security To The Next Level With User Alerts For iOS 16 Counterfeit AirPods

It’s no surprise to many that Apple takes its security very seriously.

For while now, we’ve seen a number of iPhone users receive alerts about counterfeit iPhone or iPad parts. But now, it appears the that company is taking its security concerns to another level by expanding it to AirPods too.

After the release of iOS 16 to different developers yesterday, we saw the iPhone maker announce that its system will now also make users aware of counterfeit AirPods. Hence, there’s no need to worry about whether or not your products or parts are fake.

A new code was recently discovered in this regard in the firm’s internal system. It showed how the latest iOS has the potential to make such detections. And we feel it couldn’t have come at a better time. Remember, the trend is becoming awfully popular around the globe.

So many AirPods are being sold as original but in reality, it’s just a replica. Moreover, some of the fake models are so identical that even experts have trouble distinguishing the two. At the same time, tech analysts have gone on to note how the replicas are so identical to the real deal that they have the capability to activate so many of the system’s features too.

Common examples include the likes of a battery indicator and also an automatic pairing. And it’s becoming quite worrisome for quite a few people.

With the new variant of this operating system, now users having both iPhones and iPads will now get alerts whenever they’re pairing their devices with counterfeit elements like AirPods.

So, what type of message can users expect? Well, it will be bold and to the point. “These headphones in use couldn’t be verified as authentic and so for that reason, it won’t behave as you may have expected!”

On that note, users can reach out for the ‘learn more’ tab that’s designed to redirect users to achieve support through the company’s website. This entails some more details on how users can identify the original from the fake.

At the same time, a warning notification will also allow users to click on ‘Don’t Connect’ if they wish to steer clear of the counterfeit product. But at the moment, there is no news that the firm would be blocking such counterfeit AirPods from functioning as normal across Apple devices.

Obviously, wireless headphones from other third parties will not get affected as this particular system targets counterfeit AirPods.

The recent Apple launch event also shed light on the new Second Generation for AirPods Pro. Other than the new set of functionalities being offered, there were plenty of talks linked to how consumers can also engrave customized Memojis across the case for their AirPods.

Similarly, they can have personalized messages engraved across that too and it will be embedded inside its memory as well. This way, the system can go through that particular message to reveal the personalized case whenever they choose to pair AirPods with Apple devices.

iOS 16 will be launched officially by the company for users on September 12.

H/T: 9to5Mac

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